Thermal imaging included with every inspection.

Follow up with your contractor to clarify report items is included as well.

    Single Family Homes:


Up to 2000 sq ft:


2001-3000 sq ft:


3001-4000 sq ft:



Over 4000 sq ft:

$50 per additional 1000 sq ft


Built 1978 or prior:

Add $75


Additional Bldgs:

$50 up to 500 sq ft

$100 500 – 1000 sq ft


Condos & Townhomes:
 Up to 2000sq ft

$325 Interior & Attic Only



Why choose BHI?


At Bradley Home Inspections, I want to help ensure that you are making a good decision in buying your home or investment property. 


Are there large, foreseeable expenses right around the corner?  Will your family be safe in the new home?  How long do the major system components typically last?  What things can you do to optimize your investment?


I am happy to continue answering questions my clients have, long after the inspection is over and the transaction is complete.  Feel free to call anytime!